Digital Access Archive

This page contains Digital Access recordings of certain course and conference footage, which is available for you to purchase and view.

Please note: all courses and conferences within this list are available until 1 December 2020 and will not be made available once this date has passed. We encourage you to register and watch the recordings to ensure you do not miss out!


Predictors, outcomes and teaching strategies for at-risk populations of children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families

9:00 am | | CPE19CYI

Our students exhibit an enormous range of variables that can influence their educational outcomes. These variables can include:  low socio-economic status (income and education), non-English speaking populations (non-speakers of the language of the country in which they reside), and additional disabilities including cognitive/neurological and autism. This workshop will provide information about * Identifying and dealing (more…)



8:00 am | | CPE19VSC

This two day conference provides an opportunity for educators and related specialists to come together to share and discuss the education of children and students with vision loss. Presentations will focus on curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, access and a range of issues related to student support.


Looking at play through a different lens

8:00 am | | CPE19PDHH-W

This webinar investigates the different aspects of play that children who are deaf or hard of hearing need to acquire to make and keep friends. It focuses on getting along with others, staying calm with other and being responsible  for our behaviour also how to share space with others.