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In order to pass Day 1 of this course, please complete the evaluation below:


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In order to pass this course, please complete the evaluation below:


Online learning modules:

We ask that all participants follow the emailed instructions regarding the Teacher Aide: VI Facebook group; if you do not have a Facebook account, please email Carla Silveira immediately:


1. The Role of the Teacher Aide

Question prompt: Does the information in this module match the work that you do? How is it different? How is it similar?

2. Legal considerations when working in NSW Schools

Question prompt: Was this information familiar or new to you? Who do you think should also know this information?

3. Blindness and Vision Impairment

Question prompt: Tell us about the vision acuity of the child/ren you support.

Don't forget that this is confidential so don't use a student's name, which school they attend, or any other identifying information. Comment on this post to contribute your response to the above question!

4. The Educational Environment

Question prompt: Tell us about any changes you have made to the environment after reading this module and have they been effective?

5. The Teacher Aide at Work  

Question prompt: What was interesting in this module?

6. Useful insights from a Parent

Question prompt: Have you asked the parent/s of the child/ren how you might support them? What would you ask?

7. The Eye and the Vision Process

Question Prompt: What questions do you have as a result of all the reading and learning you have been doing?! What has been the most interesting thing you learned? What have you changed as a result of the readings?

Using technology to increase independence for students with vision impairment