CI Development Days Program


Digital Access


Day 1

SMART Goal Training


Vision Screening and application to client management

Single Sided Deafness Protocols including Assessment

Session 1


Session 2



Session 3


Mapping Assisted Appointments - roles and communication


Electrophysiological - how we use electrophysiology to inform switch on and differential diagnosis (complex cases)


Electrophysiological - what do I need to know about Cortical testing and Ecogh testing?


ENT Statistics and Automating Reports

Candidacy Pathways, Protocols and Reporting CI's and BCID Reportings

Red flag indicators for additional support needs


Dizziness - understanding of clinical issues around dizziness for CI candidates and users


Complex Cases: A Holistic Approach



Day 2

Adult Rehabilitation



CALD Assessment Protocol


SSD Intervention


Day 1 Handouts

Mapping Assisted Appointments_1

Mapping Assisted Appointments_2_Scenario for remote access group


RIDBC Red Flag Procedure

RIDBC Renwick Centre Podcast - Episode 6 - Dr Sue Silveira:

Vision Screening and Application HANDOUT

Candidacy Pathways Protocols Reporting

Electrophysiology in Our Cochlear Implant Program_HearingInterventionGroup

SSD Presentation

SMART Goal Setting


SSD Amplification Options_Nick

SSD Assessment PROBLEM_Nick


Day 2 Handouts

Adult Rehab 1_Rehabilitation for Adults using Hearing Technology

Adult Rehab 2_APSQ - English

Adult Rehab 3_Candidate Selection Tool

Adult Rehab 4_Case Examples for Candidate Selection Tool

Adult Rehab 4a_QR Code from MED

Adult Rehab 5_Expectations Questionnaire for Adults

Adult Rehab 6_Hear Your Best - A Guide to CI Rehabilitation

Adult Rehab 7_HISQUI19 English

Adult Rehab 8_Munich Music Questionnaire - English

Adult Rehab 9_ Sound Localization - English



CALD Handouts

CALD Presentation Ax Protocols

CALD_1 Speech and Language Assessment Protocol_CALD 3 streams FINAL 8.8.19 (005)

CALD_2 Assessment ICS-English

CALD_3 Assessment Report on CALD Survey Monkey 23.10.17

CALD_4 Assessment SOLOM (003)

CALD_5 Michael Douglas flyer_key points for dual language (2)

CALD_6 Protocol Assessment Tables Short Version 12.8.19


CALD 8_Levels of Linguistic Complexity

CALD 9_Kate Crowe

CALD 10_Multingual Speech Acquisition



Case studies (Remote Access participants)

Rehabilitation Case Study 1

Rehabilitation Case Study 2

Rehabilitation Case Study 4

Rehabilitation Case Study 5