All your handouts, posters and poster recordings, and session recordings are located on this page. At the end of the event, every session recording will also be located here.

SPEVI 2021_Program

SPEVI 2021_ Conference Booklet
Conference Handouts

These are all the handouts that have been made available to share. If you are looking for other materials from the presenters, please contact them directly. The handout numbers align with the session numbers on the Conference Program.

1. 3D Printing in the Classroom

1b. 3D Printing in the Classroom_Additional Information

2. SongPlay

5. EmployAbility and Meaningful Participation

7. How to empower students to be self- sufficient when converting educational material for online classes

8. Identifying Barriers to Inclusive Education for Children who are Blind and Visually Impaired in the Federated States of Micronesia

9. Discovering Sonification: Where to Begin

11. From Emergent to Independent Readers_Queensland Braille Learning Progression

12. Positioning for Visual Access

13. Remote Learning for Students with Visual Impairments

13. Rudinger and Ericson Presentation Recording

14. Learning to Move

15. SenseMath

16. Bagore and Jack Presentation Recording

17. Mathematics in Unified English Braille: Features and challenges

17a. Contact Details

18. Carpenter Presentation Recording

19. How a Tactile Maths Grid becomes a Tactile Town

20a. Stories enhanced through essential everyday experiences_ESSENTIAL_EXPERIENCES

20b. Stories enhanced through essential everyday experiences_LITERACY_SKILLS

20. McCormack Presentation Recording

21. 3D Printing for Touch Readers

22. Family Show Time

22a. Carpenter and McCormack Presentation Recording

24. Perspectives of parents

26. Career Sampler

Keynote 2 Cushman_Celebrating Change

Keynote 2 Cushman Recording


Please watch all the poster presentations before the 3-4pm AEDT question time on 18 January, 2021.


Silveira Poster Recording

Howell and Richards_Poster

Howell and Richards Poster Recording


Bassey Poster Recording

Angelier and Oddoux_Poster

Angelier and Oddoux Poster Presentation

Stevns _Poster

Stevns Poster Recording


Garrett Poster Recording

Cloaninger and Spencer Poster

Cloaninger and Spencer Poster Recording

Anderson and Wu Poster

Anderson and Wu Poster Recording

LIVES meeting

There is a LIVES meeting running 4:30-6pm Monday 18 January. More information is located at this link: LIVES Invitation


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