Digital Access


Day 1

Session 1 - Dr Sue Silveira


Session 2 - Tricia d'Apice


Access Technology - Mike Corrigan



CPE20TAVI - Course timetable Day 1

TAVI Assisting VI in classroom

Introduction to vision and vision loss

Assistive Technology Presentation


Online modules for those not on Facebook:

Online Course Questions

1. The Role of the Teacher Aide

2. Legal considerations when working in NSW Schools

3. Blindness and Vision Impairment

4. The Educational Environment

5. The Teacher Aide at Work

6. Useful insights from a Parent

7. The Eye and the Vision Process


Day 2

Session 1 - Tricia d'Apice


Session 2 - Tricia d'Apice


Session 3 - Dr Sue Silveira



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