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CPE19TAHI Course timetable Day 2

Handout_Introduction to Hearing Devices

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Digital Access

You have one (1) month to view the video content from Day 1. All the relevant handouts are located below under 'PowerPoint Presentations.'

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Participation in the online component is crucial to pass this course - we encourage you to take part in discussions within the group and add contribute.

Evaluation to complete after day 1: Day 1 Evaluation


Session 1 - Introduction to Hearing Loss



Session 2 - Listening Strategies



Session 3 - Listening Strategies and Activities



Session 4 - Numeracy, Experience Books, and the online course




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#1 Vocabulary Sheet

#2 b words book

#3 Sound Sheet

#4 Humpty

#5 Jack and Jill

#6 Picture Story Sequence

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#8 complex questioning

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#10 Pattern sheet

#11 MAB

#12 Place Value Chart


Program for the day: CPE19TAHI Course timetable

Evaluation to complete after day 1: Day 1 Evaluation


Online Course

Reading materials: TA Booklet
You will need to download this as each week will refer to set pages as part of the readings. Send your responses to each week for moderating.

Week 1: Understanding hearing loss

Booklet reading: Pages 5 - 18

Question: Tell us about the hearing status of a student you support.


Don't forget that this is confidential so don't use the student's name, which school they attend, or any other identifying information. Comment on this post to contribute your response to the above question!

Week 2: Communication Options

Additional Reading: Communication Choices (as described on the Raising Deaf Kids website: )

Question: Lets talk about the communication system being used by the student/s you support. Do they use oral or manual communication? Has their communication choice affected the way you interact with them?

Week 3: Communication

Booklet reading: Pages 26 - 29

Additional Reading:  Communication tips

Question: What was the most useful tip you gained from these readings? Have you tried it? Was it successful? We'd love to hear how you went!!! Have you shared these tips with any colleagues? You are more than welcome to share with your teacher or other colleagues if they might be helpful!

Week 4: Reading

Booklet reading: Pages 30- 35

Additional Reading:  Helping Deaf or Hard of Hearing Students with Reading

Question: Which strategy listed was new to you? Did you try one or more? How did you go?! We'd love to hear which ones you are adding to your toolkit!!

Week 5: Social Skills

Booklet reading: Pages 36 - 41

Additional Reading: Social and Emotional Issues in Deafness & Hearing Impairment

Question: Look at our little lady photographed below. She is clearly upset! This is a student who doesnt like to work in small groups. She tells the class teacher that her preference is to work in a withdrawal situation with you rather than stay in the classroom. Given what you have been reading over the last 4 weeks, can you explain why these might be her preferences? How could you address these issues in the classroom with the teacher?

Week 6: Team Work

Booklet reading: Pages 63 - 70

Additional Reading:  Communication and Team Work

Question: What are some of the strategies that you and your team use to ensure clear communication? Do you meet weekly or do you talk quickly at the end of recess? Lets create a list of useful strategies to share!

Week 7: Group discussion

This week is for you! You have been interacting with the Renwick Centre CPE team for the last 7 weeks, and this week we are offering you the chance to access the knowledge and expertise of the whole RIDBC organisation!

What questions so you still have about supporting students with hearing loss in schools? We will endeavour to find out the answers for you!