Digital Access

The Digital Access videos will be available from Friday 28th September to Monday 29th October. After this watching period, you will be sent your Certificate of Completion via email.


Session 1 and 2 - Alison Hawkins-Bond



Session 1 and 2 Handouts:

Session 1 Reflection explained

Session 2 Goal Setting iToD

Session 3 Reflection practice

iToDReflective Tool NAATD.xltx

Please complete this Reflective Tool prior to Friday morning. Please save a copy to your device, so that you can access it without requiring internet connection or print off a copy to refer to during the morning session. This is a great opportunity for you to be able to select areas of focus that are specific to your own interests and acknowledge your prior experience and expertise in the field of teaching and specifically in the skills needed to teach students who are Deaf/ Hard of Hearing.

Reflective Practice Results


Session 3 - Michael Harrison



Session 3 Handouts:

Michael Harrison_TODC_For_Sharing


Session 4 - Rebecca Claridge


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Session 5 - Trudy Smith


Course Handouts:

CPE18ITOD - Program

Resources from Med-el

 Music And Young Children With CIs - English 2016 

 Little Listeners - English 2016 

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