2016 Audiology Masterclass Online Series

The 2016 Audiology Masterclass series allows you to access six one hour online lectures at a time that is convenient to you. They cover six different topics and are accredited through Audiology Australia.

2016 LOCHI Series Online Lectures

This online series of lectures shares the results and findings from the long term speech, language, educational and psychosocial outcomes of children with hearing impairments.


Cooperative Learning and Student Motivation

9:00 am | | CPE17BPC

The Best Practices Course provides 12 hours of instruction designed to deepen and expand participants’ knowledge of best practice pedagogical strategies for Interactive, Cooperative Learning and Learning Styles and Student Motivation.


Bilingual Symposium

8:30 am | | CPE17BLS

This year, our Bilingualism Symposium will have a special theme – the role of Deaf Mentors working with families of young deaf and hard of hearing children.


Executive Function: Strategies for the classroom

9:00 am | | CPE17EXF

Executive functions consist of a family of 3 core skills: inhibitory control (resisting one’s first impulse and giving a wiser, more considered response instead; staying focused and persevering), working memory (mentally working with and playing with ideas and facts, relating one to another), and cognitive flexibility (thinking outside the box; looking at familiar problems in new ways).