Vision Surveillance

This webinar is divided into two parts and runs for two hours. In the webinar we are going to look at the rationale for vision  surveillance.  We are going to untangle the vision surveillance cycle and through that untangling we will hopefully sort out why we do what we do and when we do it. 

Literacy for Parents

This webinar will unpack what is literacy and explore ways that we can support children’s literacy learning by teaching and/or coaching their parents.

Common Eye Disorders in Childhood

This webinar is a multi part series investigating the common eye disorders in children and the impact that these have on their development. 


Auditory Strategies

8:00 am | | CPE19AST-W

This webinar discuss ideas on how to develop auditory skills in young children with the goal to develop spoken languge through listening. It will emphasis the importance of making communication fun by following the child’s interests, through lead and the use of appropriate language and speech models.


Advanced Auditory Strategies

8:00 am | | CPE19AAS-W

This webinar will investigate strategies on how to maximise audition in incidental and structured learning times, acoustic conditions and quiet and noisy environments.