Lesson Implementation

8:00 am | | CPE19LP-W

This webinar will investigate what are the essentialcomponents for a lesson plan, the importance of planning and how to effcetively enagage and motivate children to achieve the relevant outcomes.


Speech Development

8:00 am | | CPE19DSD-W

This webinar will assist participant to understand how speech development occurs in childre from 0 – 6 years of age. It will also provide knowledge on how speech is produced and the relationship of speech acoustics to hearing.


Assessing Speech Production

8:00 am | | CPE19ASP-W

Assessing speech development in children with hearing loss requires consideration of multiple contributing factors. Developmental charts of typical speech development provide an inadequate guide for those working with 0-3 year old children with hearing loss. Accurate evaluation of speech draws on knowledge of typical vocal and speech development, speech acoustics, physical and motor development. Teachers (more…)

Developing Early Braille Literacy

This is a three part webinar that provides participants with the knowledge and skills on how to work with a young early braille user. 

O&M and low vision

This webinar provides an introduction to the O&M implications for individuals with low vision.

Orientation and Mobility Package

This package contains all 12 webinars and is a great introduction to Orientation and Mobility. It covers a large variety of topics and disscues the role of O&M specialists, tips and techniques, technology, students with multiple disabilities and lots more.

Cognitive and concept development

This webinar discusses how vision impairment can impact on cognitive and concept development, and why this is important for orientation and mobility.