Top Tips Series – Academic Language

8:00 am | CPE19AL-TTW

This webinar covers: Academic language and why it is important, What can you do to incorporate this within lessons and everyday language, and how this can help

From amplification to attention: the neurophysiology of auditory processing in noise

In this session, we will review recent literature and experiments that describe the changing features of oscillatory brain activity during development and in different listening environments. We will discuss how these findings may guide the identification and remediation of children with language-learning difficulties, including children with hearing loss, and the importance of robust environments for fostering language development.


Guiding Principles for Practice – RIDBC Teleschool

8:00 am | CPE19GPP-B

Many people assume that good telepractice depends entirely on obtaining the necessary technical set up, in the mistaken belief that once the technology is in place it is easy to turn on a camera and get started.