Emerging Language: Everyday Language Activities

1:00 pm | | CPE19EL-B

Many parents think that language needs to be taught by a professional teacher in a formal, structured setting. In fact, language learning can take place every moment of every day, and you can be your child’s most valuable language teacher. This book is a small sample of the many ways you can help to develop your child’s emerging language and cognition skills.


Top Tips Series – Listening Hierarchy

8:00 am | | CPE19LH-TTW

Awareness of the Listening Hierarchy may help you to decode the behaviours you are seeing in your classroom by students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing or with another disability, students who use English as a Second Language, students from low socio-economic backgrounds or students who have experienced trauma.


Monograph Package (Monograph 1 and Monograph 2)

8:00 am | CPE19MO2-VI

Monograph 1 and 2 provide a compendium of perspectives on the broad theme of educational principles and practice in the field of vision impairment in Australia. Monograph 1 focuses on principles, policies and legislation, the visual process and the clinical assessment of visual function, a framework for introducing access technology and optical devices to students with vision impairment and  orientation and mobility.