Looking at play through a different lens

This webinar investigates the different aspects of play that children who are deaf or hard of hearing need to acquire to make and keep friends. It focuses on getting along with others, staying calm with other and being responsible  for our behaviour also how to share space with others.


Developing Session Plans

8:00 am | | CPE19DSP-W

The session plan is the blueprint of an Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT) session that shows what goals will be targeted and how it will be achieved


Rehabilitation after sequential bilateral CI

8:00 am | | CPE19RBS-W

This webinar will develop you skills in the difference between bilateral and binaural hearing, the advantages of binaural hearing and the benefits of bilateral cochlear implantation. You will also learn about therapy guidelines and how to set appropriate goals for the clients you are working with.


Understanding Vision Impairment: Visual Acuity Simulations

12:50 pm | | CPE19UVIVAS-B

This book provides information for families to develop their understanding of what their child can see. Simulations are used to demonstrate the impact environmental features, such as glare, colour contrast and size, have on what a child can see.