Leaders in Vision Education 2020

10:00 am | | CPE20LVI

This one day, online meeting will provide leaders in Vision Education with an opportunity to discuss issues and to share ideas about supporting students who are blind or vision impaired in education settings. (more…)

Paths to Technology

Should I update my software? How do you create an accessible PowerPoint? How can I start a blind preschooler on an iPad? Is there an accessible app that . . . ? This recorded session introduces participants to Paths to Technology, a teacher-friendly resource that answers these tech questions and more!

A Day at the Australian Hearing Hub 2020

The RIDBC Renwick Centre and the Australian Hearing Hub members invite Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf to learn about the clinical work and research taking place at the Australian Hearing Hub.

Blind and Low Vision Masterclass Series 2021

This series of 6 webinars will investigate and provide advice about specific eye conditions. You will gain a broad understanding of the visual system, the process of seeing, the impact of and the medical management of each condition.