Emerging Language: Everyday Language Activities

1:00 pm | | CPE19EL-B

Many parents think that language needs to be taught by a professional teacher in a formal, structured setting. In fact, language learning can take place every moment of every day, and you can be your child’s most valuable language teacher. This book is a small sample of the many ways you can help to develop your child’s emerging language and cognition skills.


Mathematics workshop: Supporting Access & Inclusion for Students with Vision Impairments

9:00 am | | CPE19MVI

Together we will investigate the challenges facing students with Vision Impairment and their teachers in Mathematics; primary aged students in the morning and secondary in the afternoon. Strategies and ideas for supporting Mathematics students who use large print, screen readers and braille will be workshopped, and resources for optimising accessibility explored.


A Journey through Vision

9:00 am | | CPE19JTV

This one day course will provide a broad overview of vision. It will begin by exploring the anatomy of the visual system and normal visual development. The common eye conditions that occur in childhood will be reviewed alongside the clinical assessment commonly applied to diagnose these conditions.


Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder Seminar

6:30 pm | | CPE19ANSD

This seminar will provide advice and information about Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD) including a review of ANSD, pre-implant candidacy and habilitation approaches for clients who receive a CI and are diagnosed with ANSD