Professor Kay Ferrell

Kay Alicyn Ferrell, Ph.D., is Professor Emerita at the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, University of Northern Colorado (UNC), currently appointed as Research Professor to direct a study investigating independent mealtime skills for infants with visual impairment and their families. Dr. Ferrell has taught individuals of all ages with visual and multiple disabilities and […]

Charlie Roberts

Charlie was a secondary Mathematics and Physical Education teacher for eleven years, then Vision Support teacher for the past fourteen years. Charlie was a teacher at the Royal Victorian Institute of the Blind (RVIB) school which became a Vision Australia school, and was a graduate of the Renwick Masters in Special Education (Vision Impairment) degree.  […]

Rebecca Bull

Rebecca Bull joined the RIDBC Renwick Centre as a part-time Conjoint Lecturer in Audiology in 2010. She is also employed as a clinical audiologist in private practice. Prior to this, Rebecca worked as an Educational Audiologist at the RIDBC Garfield Barwick Centre, and provided diagnostic, assessment and management services to infants and children at the […]

Dr Sharon Sandridge

Sharon A. Sandridge, PhD, is currently Director of Clinical Services in Audiology and Co-Director of the Tinnitus Management Clinic and Audiology Research Lab at Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Sandridge received her BA and MA from the University of Akron and her PhD from the University of Florida. Her primary clinical and research interests are in the […]

Dr Cheryl DeConde Johnson

Cheryl DeConde Johnson provides consultation through her practice, The ADEvantage (Audiology, Deaf Education, Vantage) in various aspects of educational audiology and deaf education with a focus on accommodations and services to minimize the impact of hearing loss on communication, learning and social development. Dr. Johnson also has adjunct faculty appointments at the University of Colorado, […]

Maree Rennie

Maree Rennie is a Certified Infant teacher and a Certified Teacher of the Deaf. She began her career in South Australia as an early childhood teacher, and quickly moved to teaching hearing impaired children. She then trained as a teacher of the deaf in Melbourne in 1965. Since that time Maree has worked and studied […]

Andrea Gibbons

Andrea Gibbons is a Certified Auditory- Verbal Therapist (1998) and is the Senior Habilitationist at the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre (SCIC-an RIDBC Service). After completing her training as a Teacher of the Deaf in 1991 she worked with the NSW Department of Education in various programs. While working in a Total Communication program (1992-1994) she […]

Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Elizabeth Rosenzweig is a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist, Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist in private practice. She provides auditory-verbal therapy, aural rehabilitation, and educational advocacy services to families around the world using teletherapy. Elizabeth also mentors aspiring listening and spoken language specialists and has worked to build the capacity of professionals in developing countries, especially in […]

Alan Kelly

Alan Kelly is a Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist (1998). He helped pioneer AVT in Australia in 1985 after completing his Master’s Degree at McGill University (Montreal) with Dan Ling and Elizabeth Cole. Alan has promoted the development of spoken language for children with a significant hearing loss in Australia and India through lecturing, teacher preparation, professional […]

Isabelle Boisvert

Isabelle’s research interest aims to facilitate evidence-based and patient-centered decision-making in hearing healthcare, in particular with decisions surrounding cochlear implantation. An overarching aim is to find integrated solutions that can make listening for communication easier for all. First trained as a clinical audiologist (Université de Montréal- 2004), Isabelle is now a senior research fellow, project […]