Alan Kelly

Alan Kelly is a Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist (1998). He helped pioneer AVT in Australia in 1985 after completing his Master’s Degree at McGill University (Montreal) with Dan Ling and Elizabeth Cole. Alan has promoted the development of spoken language for children with a significant hearing loss in Australia and India through lecturing, teacher preparation, professional […]

Isabelle Boisvert

Isabelle’s research interest aims to facilitate evidence-based and patient-centered decision-making in hearing healthcare, in particular with decisions surrounding cochlear implantation. An overarching aim is to find integrated solutions that can make listening for communication easier for all. First trained as a clinical audiologist (Université de Montréal- 2004), Isabelle is now a senior research fellow, project […]

Angela Carpenter

Angela has more than 20 years of experience as a caregiver and educator of young children and individuals with special needs. She has worked in a group residential facility for adults with developmental disabilities, coached special needs clients in an occupational training centre and held numerous teaching appointments with school-aged children. Currently, Angela is a […]

Neryl Horn

Neryl has worked as a paediatric speech pathologist for over 30 years, the last 17 of these within services supporting families with children who have hearing loss. She has worked in school-based services including oral and Auslan settings, preschool services, and since 2008 in telepractice through RIDBC Teleschool. She completed a Graduate Certificate in Education […]

Kay Hooper

Kay has been a Teacher of the Deaf since 1975. She trained and worked in the UK before returning to Australia. She worked at St Gabriel’s School for the Deaf in Sydney for five years and worked at RIDBC between 1988-2015. She initially worked as an Auditory Verbal Therapist in the Early Learning (HI) program […]

Lynne Richards

Lynne started her career in the United Kingdom teaching in a mainstream primary school in south east London before arriving in Australia in 1978. From that time, she has worked with school age children, young children and babies to develop their listening and spoken language skills. She has mentored and trained prospective LSLS Cert AVT’s […]

Andrew Kendrick

Andrew Kendrick has worked extensively in the field of Auditory-Verbal Therapy over the past 27 years. Andrew’s work as therapist, consultant, lecturer, and publisher has given him the opportunity to live and work in Australia, Singapore and China. During this time Andrew has gained significant experience in working with children, parents, teachers, therapists, audiologists and […]

Kim Ter-Horst

Kim Ter-Horst is a experienced paediatric audiologist with a particular interest in working with children for whom audiometry doesn’t come easily. Undergraduate qualifications in professional Psychology lead to postgraduate studies in Audiology at Macquarie University, after which Kim joined NAL and later Australian Hearing in a mixed paediatric / adult role. In 2003 Kim moved […]

Joyce Tan

Joyce Tan (BEd DipPsych MSpEd) is a teacher of the deaf from the Royal Deaf and Blind Children, Australia’s largest non-government provider of education, therapy and cochlear implant services for children and adults with vision or hearing loss. She assists her students develop spoken language and listening skills through the use of assistive hearing devices and provides […]

Lynelle Campbell

Lynelle Campbell is the Founding Director of Lynz Education.  Lynelle provides professional learning and mentoring to schools and teachers on how to teach mathematics so students ‘get it’!  She is committed to helping teachers to help all students to leave school numerate.   Lynelle wants to help take the struggle out of mathematics teaching and learning […]