Leia Barnes

Leia Barnes BPhty; Grad Dip (Neuro Rehab) Leia Barnes graduated from the University of Queensland in 2005 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and completed a Graduate Diploma in Neurological Rehabilitation through the University of Western Australia in 2012. She was granted the title of an APA Neurological Physiotherapist in 2013. Leia has attended competency‐based training […]

Natalie Rando

Natalie Rando BPhty; MPhty (Neuro) Natalie Rando graduated from the University of Queensland in 1997 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and went on to complete a Masters in Neurological Physiotherapy from UQ (2004). Natalie has attended competency‐based training by Dr Susan Herdman and team as well as attending advanced training in Melbourne and the Gold […]

Jane Hatch

Jane Hatch is a CODA and a Teacher of the Deaf from Queensland. She is a Paraprofessional Auslan Interpreter and was a member of the curriculum writing team for The Australian Curriculum: Languages – Auslan. Jane has taught Deaf and hard of hearing (H0H) students at primary and secondary schools in both Queensland and London […]

Dr Louise de Beuzeville

Lou has worked as a linguist and a teacher for the deaf for over 20 years. Her research focussed on the acquisition of Auslan by young deaf children from deaf families, and the use of space in Auslan by deaf native-signing adults. After a decade in academia she remembered she loves being in a school […]

Dr Carol Quirk

Dr. Carol Quirk is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education (MCIE), an organization that has built inclusive education practices in Maryland and several other states since its inception in 1988. Dr. Quirk is dedicated to increasing the capacity of schools to include students who have historically been served […]

Darlene Thornton

Darlene has studied and worked in the field of sign language linguistics, and is an experienced genealogist from an extended Deaf family. She uses her interest in genealogy and history to trace Deaf people in Australia’s past.

Dr Breda Carty

Before taking up this position in 2002, Breda was a Research Fellow at Griffith University for 12 years, and a teacher of the deaf in Victoria and the United States. She has had many years’ experience developing Deaf Studies workshops for the Deaf community, and as a consultant with a variety of educational and community-based […]

Dr Sue Silveria

Sue has over 20 years experience as a paediatric orthoptist and in an academic role. She has taught widely in the areas of paediatric eye disease and vision surveillance and vision screening. She is currently the chief investigator on the project which is developing and implementing the Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register.