Andrea Gibbons is a Certified Auditory- Verbal Therapist (1998) and is the Senior Habilitationist at the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre (SCIC-an RIDBC Service). After completing her training as a Teacher of the Deaf in 1991 she worked with the NSW Department of Education in various programs. While working in a Total Communication program (1992-1994) she became interested in how best to develop the auditory skills of her students. In her next position as Executive Teacher at Camden Primary School (1994-1997) she established an auditory-oral program for 3-8 year old children which led to most achieving successful integration into the mainstream within a few years. Further experience was obtained when she worked in St Gabriel’s School for Hearing Impaired Children and then the St Gabriel’s Early Intervention Centre (1997-2000) which at that time, was the only program offering auditory verbal therapy in Australia. Andrea obtained her A-V certification during her time with St Gabriel’s and also contributed to the St Gabriel’s Curriculum. Andrea returned to the Department of Education in a consultancy position in the state office (1999-2001) which included state-wide training of teachers of the deaf, educational consultancy at Westmead Children’s Hospital before being invited to join SCIC in 2002.