Dianne Toe is the Deputy Head of the School of Education and Director of Professional Practice in the Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin University. Associate Professor Toe’s background is in Psychology, Audiology, Deaf Education and Teacher Education. She has worked in these fields since 1983, with 27 years as an academic at the Universities of Melbourne and Newcastle and Deakin University. A strong foundation in developmental psychology underpins all of Dianne’s work.  At Deakin University, Dianne teaches on the Bachelor of Education (Primary) course with a focus on pedagogy, inclusive education and personalising learning. She is a respected presenter in teacher professional development as well as publishing in international journals Her publications are in the fields of inclusive education, cultural diversity, teacher education and disadvantaged schools.

Dianne’s research uses empirical methodologies to investigate the assessment and education of children and young people who are deaf and hard of hearing. She has extensive experience in preparing teachers of the deaf and classroom teachers to work in inclusive settings. She has prepared teachers to work with students who are deaf for over 15 years at the University of Melbourne and the University of Newcastle.Dianne has been actively involved in research relating to the development of pragmatic language skills in children who are deaf or hard of hearing for more than 10 years, publishing widely and sharing this work in a range of international forums. Together with Associate Professor Louise Paatsch, Dianne’s research investigates pragmatic skills of students with hearing loss and their hearing peers within the contexts of question-and-answer games, expository discourse and spontaneous conversations.