Lou has worked as a linguist and a teacher for the deaf for over 20 years. Her research focussed on the acquisition of Auslan by young deaf children from deaf families, and the use of space in Auslan by deaf native-signing adults. After a decade in academia she remembered she loves being in a school setting and returned to the RIDBC Thomas Pattison School where she has loved teaching the youngest class, while also keeping her finger in many pies, such as being one of the curriculum writers for the ACARA Auslan national curriculum. In 2017-2018, Lou is in a mixed role as a Teacher of the Deaf and an Educational Researcher working on an online Auslan assessment tool.
Lou is passionate about evidence-based best practice, disseminating research to classroom teachers and school settings. She is particularly interested in young children’s development of language and number concepts, and in effectively targeting, explicitly teaching and validly assessing goals.