Maree Rennie is a Certified Infant teacher and a Certified Teacher of the Deaf. She began her career in South Australia as an early childhood teacher, and quickly moved to teaching hearing impaired children. She then trained as a teacher of the deaf in Melbourne in 1965. Since that time Maree has worked and studied in South Australia, Victoria, Massachusetts, Papua New Guinea, Canberra and Sydney in the field of special education specifically related to children who are deaf, visually impaired or hearing impaired children who have an additional special need.

Maree returned to Australia and began working with the Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre in 1990. There her observation of the struggle some children were experiencing to maximise their potential following Cochlear Implantation made her realise that this group of children and their families could benefit from a specialised program- the Matilda Rose Early Intervention Centre, where she has worked since it opened in 2001. During her time at RIDBC Matilda Rose Centre she and her team have developed a creative, holistic, trans-disciplinary approach to improve educational outcomes for children with hearing impairment and additional needs.