Megan King is an Early Intervention Practitioner and Key Worker supporting children and families on the NSW Central Coast.

Combining Bachelor of Education qualifications with 20 years of practical experience in a diverse range of settings, Megan has held roles as an Early Childhood and Primary School teacher, as well as an Early Intervention Practitioner and Key Worker.

For the past 10 years, Megan has focused on working exclusively with children with developmental delay and disabilities across all environments including: home, childcare, school, family day care, supported playgroups, and in the community. Working primarily in the role as a Key Worker, Megan has supported children and families to access the NDIS through the ECEI pathway, worked closely with educators, allied health professionals and those who know the child well to integrate developmental and relationship based approaches to promote their child’s development as part of their daily life and routines.

Megan adapts a gentle, collaborative approach to supporting children and their families, recognising the importance of play in building healthy foundations for children, whilst also empowering the parent through coaching and support. By using a strength-based, child-centred approach Megan embraces play as the medium by which children can develop their communication, create joy in their connections and engagement with others, and strengthen their overall development. Having witnessed the profound positive and lasting impacts of this approach, Megan is passionate about its application in all areas and environments in the child’s life.

Megan discovered the DIR Floortime Approach® 7 years ago, and after completing ICDL’s DIR 101 course, she knew that this framework was the “perfect fit” she was looking for, as this approach encompasses up to date research on brain development, child development, sensory integration and play; while recognising the importance of attachment and relationships for children and families.

In 2017, Megan established her own private practice where she provides an Early Intervention Service that exclusively applies the DIR Floortime® Approach as a framework for children and families, within natural settings and via Zoom. Megan assists children from birth to adolescence in collaboration with allied health professionals, schoolteachers, and early childhood educators as a team around the child.

Megan is passionate about empowering parents, educators, and allied health professionals in using the DIR Floortime® approach through coaching and training. Megan is a training leader through the Interdisciplinary Council of Development and Learning and an Expert DIR Floortime Provider.


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