Dr Gilley brings over 15 years of professional research experience in the speech, language, and hearing sciences. Dr Gilley received a BS in Deaf Education from the University of Texas at Austin in 1999, a MS in Audiology from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2002, and a PhD in Behavioral and Brain Sciences from UT Dallas in 2006.  Dr Gilley later conducted research and taught as an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder from 2007-2015.  Dr Gilley's research is aimed at understanding how the brain develops and maintains connections necessary for human communication.  This research includes the use of functional brain imaging methods as well as psychoacoustic and other behavioral methods to study both typical and disordered development.  Dr Gilley has authored and co-authored more than 25 research publications, has given more than 100 professional research presentations, and has mentored more than 20 graduate student projects.