Prof. Boguslaw ‘Bob’ Marek. Ph.D. OBE is a Director of Services for Students with Special Needs at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland and founder of HUNGRY FINGERS – a small organization developing educational resources for children with special needs. For the past twenty years, with his background in English and British qualifications in the area of education of children with special needs, Bob has focused on teaching English as a foreign language to students with a visual impairment and on introducing tactile graphics to totally blind learners. Having direct contact with children with a visual impairment as a part time teacher at the Laski School in Poland Bob has developed and tested a wide range of resources which are now used in several countries to help totally blind children understand difficult concepts based on visual experience and spatial relations. His workshops in the UK, Ireland, Iceland, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia, UAE, India, Nepal, New Zealand, Samoa, Singapore, Palau, Japan and in Australia received very positive feedback from parents and teachers of children and students with a visual impairment. For his “English for the Blind” programme, Bob received The Order of the British Empire from HM Queen Elizabeth II.