Remote Access and Digital Access

Remote Access is a livestream access option to our courses and conferences. Remote Access enables you to watch the course or conference taking place in real time, with the capacity to submit questions to presenters and forums. Information relating to a course or conference's livestream will be sent to you via email once you have registered.

Digital Access is our new, online option to our courses and conferences. Digital Access enables you to watch an entire course or conference anywhere, anytime. The Face to Face course is recorded in full, including all Q&A sessions, group activities, course handouts, etc, and is available for you to watch within fourteen (14) days. Access to this content lasts for one month, after which access will expire.



Paths to Technology

Should I update my software? How do you create an accessible PowerPoint? How can I start a blind preschooler on an iPad? Is there an accessible app that . . . ? This recorded session introduces participants to Paths to Technology, a teacher-friendly resource that answers these tech questions and more!

O&M Masterclass Series 2020

This series on technology for orientation and mobility is intended to provide the Orientation and Mobility Specialist (OMS) with resources for working with an array of age groups across the life span, as well as providing resources to carry out other professional functions that support direct instruction with learners (e.g. consultation with other providers, paperwork, remote work locations, cloud systems, etc.).

BVI Masterclass Series 2020

This Masterclass Series is now online and available for you to watch as soon as you have registered. Masterclass schedule: Topic: Being blind when the world is designed for those who can see; the importance of the Expanded Core Curriculum 21st Century classrooms are filled with posters, electronic whiteboards, timetables and multimedia presentations. This exciting (more…)

Supporting Dual Media Users

Students with low vision may benefit from accessing printed material through a variety of means and may use both print and braille effectively in their education.