Digital Access

Digital Access is an option for our face to face courses if you are not able to travel to attend Face to Face or make it to the Face to Face course. The Face to Face course will be recorded on the day and uploaded on your dashboard within seven (7) week days. You will then be able to watch the course for fourteen (14) days and the course access will expire. You will have access to all the course material that Face to Face participants receive.




The role of self-advocacy in the communication access of children and young people who are deaf or hard of hearing in formal, informal and non formal learning environments

9:00 am | | CPE18RSA

This is a one day course designed for teachers and other professionals supporting students who are deaf and hard of hearing. It is indented to provide the participants with the theoretical knowledge regarding the role of self-advocacy in the academic access and inclusion of students who are deaf and hard of hearing.


Positive Behaviour Support in the classroom: Practical Strategies for supporting individuals with autism

9:00 am | | CPE18PBS

Individuals with ASD can face many challenges in classroom environments. If unsupported these difficulties can result in behavioural issues that can be exceptionally disruptive to the individuals and their peer’s engagement in learning. A student engagement framework will be used to discuss evidence based strategies for supporting behaviour in the classroom.