Digital Access

Digital Access is an option for our face to face courses if you are not able to travel to attend Face to Face or make it to the Face to Face course. The Face to Face course will be recorded on the day and uploaded on your dashboard within seven (7) week days. You will then be able to watch the course for fourteen (14) days and the course access will expire. You will have access to all the course material that Face to Face participants receive.




Growing Small Talk into Big Ideas: Advancing Listening and Spoken Language Outcomes through Family-Centred Practice

9:00 am | | CPE18GST

Join this engaging session to explore how auditory verbal practitioners, speech-language pathologists, special educators, and early intervention practitioners can apply research on the importance of parent talk to meet the needs of the families of children who are deaf/hard of hearing (DHH) they serve. Evidence-based practices and developmentally appropriate activities aimed at building listening and spoken language (LSL) skills for young children who are DHH will be identified.