Digital Access

Digital Access is an option for our face to face courses if you are not able to travel to attend Face to Face or make it to the Face to Face course. The Face to Face course will be recorded on the day and uploaded on your dashboard within seven (7) week days. You will then be able to watch the course for fourteen (14) days and the course access will expire. You will have access to all the course material that Face to Face participants receive.




SCIC – Preserving Residual Hearing Seminar

6:00 pm | | CPE18SCIC

The SCIC Cochlear Implant Program will be hosting a research seminar focusing on preserving residual hearing of cochlear implant recipients. Dr Catherine Birman and Dr WaiKong Lai will present on the latest techniques to preserve hearing during implantation. Audiologist Nick Baulderstone will outline the process of fitting hybrid electro-acoustic devices.