Deaf / Hard of Hearing Resources


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October 2020 Articles

Best practices for inclusivity of Deaf/deaf/hard of hearing students in the synchronous online classroom

Changes in tinnitus by cochlear implantation: A parametric study of the effect of single-electrode stimulation

Impact of hearing impairment on psychological distress and subjective well-being in older adults


September 2020 Articles

Effect of video-guided educational intervention on school engagement of adolescent students with hearing impairment: Implications for health and physical education

Impact of COVID-19 on the access to hearing health care services for children with cochlear implants: A survey of parents

Beyond Training: Supporting Teachers of Deaf Students with Additional Disabilities in the Classroom: A Qualitative Case Study


August 2020 Articles

Study of acute and sub-acute effects of auditory training on the central auditory processing in older adults with hearing loss—A pilot study

Efficacy of music training in hearing aid and cochlear implant asers: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Physical activity of children and adolescents with hearing impairments: A systematic review.


July 2020 Articles

Speech intelligibility and auditory perception of pre-school children with hearing aid, cochlear implant and typical hearing.

Use of scientific argumentation by deaf/hard-of-hearing students in environmental science topics.

Subjective benefits of bimodal listening in cochlear implant recipients with asymmetric hearing loss.