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September Articles

Hearing aid fitting for visual and hearing impaired patients with Usher syndrome type IIa.

Outcomes of late implantation in Usher Syndrome patients

Dual sensory impairment: The association between glaucomatous vision loss and hearing impairment and function.

August Articles

Assessing Autism Spectrum Disorder in People with Sensory Impairments Combined with Intellectual Disabilities

Incorporating the needs of students who are deaf-blind into teacher training programs: one director's experience

Children Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing with Disabilities: Paths to Language and Literacy.



Useful links:

Follow the Child: Approaches to Assessing the Functional Vision and Hearing of Young Children and Congenital Deaf-Blindness - David Brown

The sensory integration perspective and what it offers us in the field of deafblindness - David Brown

The Forgotten Sense - Proprioception - David Brown

A curriculum for children with multi-sensory-impairment from MSI Unit Victoria School Birmingham

National Center on DeafblindnessA� ( USA)

Intervener Learning Modules: Open Hands Open Access

IEP Quality Indicators for students with Deafblindess

Center on Child Development Harvard University

Sexuality Education Resources for Students with Deafblindness

Assessment of Deafblind Access to Manual Language Systems

Perkins School for the Blind

Active Learning

Orientation and Mobility



Susan Starnes Talks: Working with Families and Children with UshersA�Syndrome

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