Vision Impairment 101

This series will provide an overview of vision impairment, the development of vision, and other topics within the Blind / Low vision space. Each webinar will require the completion of a quiz to obtain a certificate; all handouts and information relevant to each webinar is located under the video window, via your Dashboard.


Understanding Vision Reports

This webinar compares and contrasts reporting from clinical vision assessment and functional vision assessment. Two case studies highlight the role both forms of assessment have in building a comprehensive picture of a person’s true visual function.

Assessment of Visual Function: Near Vision

This presentation explores near vision, and how it is assessed clinically and functionally. The outcome of this assessment is applied to the low vision situation, with suggestions made for adaptations that minimise the impact of vision impairment on reading and writing.

Common Eye Disorders in Childhood

This webinar is a multi part series investigating the common eye disorders in children and the impact that these have on their development. 

Assessment of Visual Function: Visual Acuity

This presentation explores visual acuity and how it is assessed clinically. The different types of visual acuity tests used to assess vision according to the individual’s age, and ability to participate will be featured within this webinar. This webinar also provides a brief tour through the anatomy of the visual system and the parts of the brain involved in vision.

Understanding Functional Vision

This webinar presents a model to explain the complexities of visual function and highlights the similarities and differences between the clinical assessment and the functional assessment of vision. An overview of an approach to functional vision assessment is presented, with suggestions made for maximising the use of vision during assessment and in a person’s everyday life.

BVI Masterclass Series 2020

This Masterclass Series is now online and available for you to watch as soon as you have registered. Masterclass schedule: Topic: Being blind when the world is designed for those who can see; the importance of the Expanded Core Curriculum 21st Century classrooms are filled with posters, electronic whiteboards, timetables and multimedia presentations. This exciting (more…)

O&M Masterclass Series 2020

This series on technology for orientation and mobility is intended to provide the Orientation and Mobility Specialist (OMS) with resources for working with an array of age groups across the life span, as well as providing resources to carry out other professional functions that support direct instruction with learners (e.g. consultation with other providers, paperwork, remote work locations, cloud systems, etc.).