These are convenient, accessible and can be accessed at anytime.
These sessions are presented by RIDBC staff and external experts in the field.
All of these sessions also can be used for accreditation purposes. Each course will clearly state what accreditation is available for each course.


O&M in secondary school

This webinar explains how O&M skills and techniques are expanded into more complex environments for secondary school age students and young adults.

O&M in primary school settings

This webinar discusses the introduction of more ‘formal’ O&M skills and techniques, and how O&M fits within the Expanded Core Curriculum.

O&M in early childhood/transition to school

This webinar discusses the importance of early intervention in the development of O&M skills in very young children with vision loss, and how O&M skills and techniques are adapted to an appropriate developmental level.

Cognitive and concept development

This webinar discusses how vision impairment can impact on cognitive and concept development, and why this is important for orientation and mobility.

Developing Early Braille Literacy

This is a three part webinar that provides participants with the knowledge and skills on how to work with a young early braille user. 

Assessing Speech Production

Assessing speech development in children with hearing loss requires consideration of multiple contributing factors. Developmental charts of typical speech development provide an inadequate guide for those working with 0-3 year old children with hearing loss. Accurate evaluation of speech draws on knowledge of typical vocal and speech development, speech acoustics, physical and motor development. Teachers (more…)

Speech Development

This webinar will assist participant to understand how speech development occurs in childre from 0 – 6 years of age. It will also provide knowledge on how speech is produced and the relationship of speech acoustics to hearing.