These are convenient, accessible and can be accessed at anytime.
These sessions are presented by RIDBC staff and external experts in the field.
All of these sessions also can be used for accreditation purposes. Each course will clearly state what accreditation is available for each course.


Lesson Implementation

This webinar will investigate what are the essentialcomponents for a lesson plan, the importance of planning and how to effcetively enagage and motivate children to achieve the relevant outcomes.

Advanced Auditory Strategies

This webinar will investigate strategies on how to maximise audition in incidental and structured learning times, acoustic conditions and quiet and noisy environments.

Auditory Strategies

This webinar discuss ideas on how to develop auditory skills in young children with the goal to develop spoken languge through listening. It will emphasis the importance of making communication fun by following the child’s interests, through lead and the use of appropriate language and speech models.

Understanding Ling 6 Sound Check

This webinar will investigate why the brain is the true organ of hearing and  the ears only transmit sounds to the brain. Babies born with hearing loss are not starting from the same point as a child with typical hearing as they have missed out on 20 weeks of typical development of their auditory pathways in utero.

Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP)

The IFSP is a written document that, among other things, outlines the early intervention services that your child and family will receive. This webinar will discuss in detail the components of an Individual family service plan and how to develop, run and implement a plan.

Auditory Function

 Developing the auditory brain is dependent on appropriate hearing technology whether that be  hearing aids, cochlear implant, Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) along with enriched auditory exposure that is appropriate for the age and stage of the child should promote auditory brain development.

Common Eye Disorders in Childhood

This webinar is a multi part series investigating the common eye disorders in children and the impact that these have on their development.